Advent Day Fourteen, 2011

Elly and Tucker, 2011, Rob Cassetti, iPhoneBusy day. Trash, yearbook and post office on top of the day to day. Need to leave a scootch early as I have to be the missus at a holiday party in Corning. Yes, I will brush my hair…and try to be nice. That’s the hard part…nice is never easy. However, there are some lovely people I am looking forward to seeing..and another thing I always need to remind myself, is that parties never last too long…and then they will be D O N E. Done. Tomorrow and Friday are both music events in the evening. Boy Jacob comes on Friday. Monday I need to take him early to Elmira so he can get a flight to visit his dad in the Upper Pennisula of Michigan. Then he will be back just before the new year. Kitty will be here early next week. Rob has a trip to NYC on Sun-Tuesday. So, we are all moving and grooving.

It was great last night as Elly brought her brand new red tailed hawk, Tucker, over for us to see him. He is lovely…and quite tender with Elly—He is very fierce looking with his amazing eyes and sleek head. But he is calm with his girl—and only began to fidget after being kept still on her glove for around 15 minutes. I’d get impatient too. They have a very interesting, growing relationship—and what with Elly’s tranquil attentive ways, they will make a remarkable team. He puffed right Advent Calendar Day Fourteen., Q. Cassetti, 2011up and got all threatening with his wings outspread and his posture perfect when Mr. White strolled by to see what all the to do was about. As soon as the one eyed one quietly left, he settled back down on Elly’s tasseled glove in no time.

Alex and Elly took him out to the back forty to let him loose to see if he could find some mice, squirrels etc. to have him come right back to Elly’s hand. That went well.  Elly did admit that he had a pocket filled with chicken gizzards as a treat. How many HS girls carry raw chicken parts in her cute little jacket?  Some girls have kittens. Some girls have dogs. This girl has a hawk…and we are so proud of her and look forward to this relationship growing and all of us learning with her.