The XC dinner was pleasant. Nice to see the students and parents all mixing it up. Nice slide show with tunes from the eighties...which showed our kids from 8th grade on. Seeing little skinny Alex and the big robust boy I have in such a short time is quite alarming. We promptly took Alex and a crew up to Barton Hall at Cornell for a concert with Passion Pit (?). It was a good time (or so our boy said). It is a beautiful sunny day in the sixties today (which makes the snow on the east coast even more hard to imagine).

I washed la stinkerina this a.m. post my shower...but not fully clothed and functioning. She wasn't real happy--but got herself into the tub of dishsoap spritzed water and nervously shook. I talked and cajoled her to calm down, which she finally did. After a rinse and another handful of soap, squeegy-ing her long hair, towel drying and then using a hair drier on her...she was fine and awarded with a fried egg as a treat. Guess what? She still stinks. Wow. Two years of smell.

Our half pig portion will be ready to pick up at Treegate Farm on Tuesday. How wonderful. It almost make the freezer melt down a happier thing. Almost.

I have been thinking about the masks and the sociological stories they could tell. Maybe some teeshirts will come out of the mix. Like a white girl-blonde hair mask with a quote about womenhood or just the word "princess". The masks for females are so disturbing in their view of what women represented at the time, what women could do and contribute. There were no housewife masks. There were not PTA president masks. There were no bridge club member masks nor masks of church ladies. It was vamps and not too many tramps (unless movie stars qualified as tramps). It was good professions (nurses and superheros) but no female pirates. Witches and some bitches. But not heroic or anything noble for women like the boy costumes. Unless of course, you want to be a cute kitten or a cartoon bunny. Now, its trying to think about how to work my own hand into these mask ideas.

Fall back. Bring on the darkness.