Scherenschnitte 2, Q. Cassetti. 2011. pen and inkRob got up and out very very early. He is off to points south with new trousers and a presentation in hand. I know he is going to do a great job and the world at Musecon will love him. He looked very de rigeur in the new duds. I hope he has some fun!

I am getting some packages out today. A few more tomorrow. Would love to have the bulk out before we split this week. So as we rush into December (which is already gone to my thinking)—I can take a bit of heat off my back.  Holiday cards may need a bit more time. My list is needing a bit of refinement. I  need to think about what I need to wear to a fancier holiday dinner (as the Missus)—that I have been requested to attend. Oy. Hate that. I need to keep in mind that R’s rule of look for me is to remember I am an artist—and there is a different set of requirement for we artists…. but oy.

There is a landslide of project work needing attention. It is that time of the year. Right? End of budgets, end of time to get the promised work done to make the hoped for bonuses. We are the bonus making machine. Time to dive deep…and see what we can do to move things ahead.

American Illustration (AI AP) Show and Spectrum has just sent out a notice as a call for entries. I guess I didn’t get anything into the Society of Illustrators (NY) this year. Still waiting for Society of Illustrators (LA), and Creative Quarterly. I am hopeful…but you never know what hits. I have been beyond blessed in projects and promotion this year, so I should reflect on all the wonders from 2011. I have been so lucky. The shows do not drive me to draw, but the pleasure does. If I can get recognition for moving my pen, so be it. If not, it shouldnt slow my in the least bit.