Night scanner.

Fat Line experiment, Q. Cassetti, 2011Last night was a beautiful black night. No clouds. Sprinkles of twinkling stars were out in the cool, silence that Shady and I delighted in. I havent told you about Shady Grove’s most favorite game in the whole universe which I am always delighted in, and amazed by her olifactory abilities. She loves to chase cones in the dark. If I throw them, she will go searching—particularly into the brush, in the velvety black of the evenings. She will drill right in—diligently scanning—left and right, overlapping lines of looking, of smelling, of searching exclusively with her nose for that cone with her slobber and my handprints as the reference. She loves it regardless of weather, snow, rain, dark or light…but dark cool evenings are the most challenging and her most favorite evenings. I had the delight of listening to Pandora—my classic Indian Music channel which really married with the depth and beauty of the black night.

I had a nice one hour wander through Wegmans last night. I lingered in the indian food center along with the nice organic section. The washed and colorblocked veggies were glorious as were the promises of Autumn food, squash and orange plants. Alex and I had a nice chat in the car about this and that, about passion and progress. He runs today (in the rain) and immediately after he gets off the bus, he has an interview with the Rotary for a possible opportunity to do their abroad program.

There is work at hand. So, I need to make it quick. Hello and hi. Sorry I am so hollow today.