This and that

Fatline Experiment, Q. Cassetti, 2011, faber castell pitt fat brush pen, pentel presto whiteout marker

Well…it’s Monday. What a quiet day I gave myself yesterday with some reading, relaxing and drawing. Shady and the cats and I hung out at the Lake for the bulk of the day. I chipped away at The Emperor of All Maladies which is really good, but something I can only do an hour at a time. Its not a cuddly coze that you can dig into and enjoy the ride. There is too much to process, to think about albeit it is in laymans language and a totally engaging story.

Alex will be back with us today. It sounds like he is plum exhausted (I spoke to him on the phone)== and that the food provided was not working for him either. He says he isnt feeling 100%— So, I think we will get him off the bus and shovel him right into the comfy bed with a fan turned on. Quiet and warm. Poor guy. (I wrote this prior to his coming home)…and it was all true…He was spent. Totally. And today he has a track meet. This boy needs quiet time with his eyes closed. Sounds like pasta when he gets home.

My freezer totally crapped out. Second full meltdown. I am beginning to think that this machine has it in for me. Fury, fury, furious. All the chopping and pitting, skinning and seeding, and prep for nice evenings in the winter…all shot. It was discovered as most of the freezer had totally melted down…I have rescued the bushel of sour cherries and am presently cooking them down with more sugar—to put them in jars (and use my pressure cooker to pop the tops)…But jeez… I am truly fed up. Rob thinks maybe the freezer wasnt level, his reasoning for why the door popped open and wouldnt shut. I had duct taped it closed….but it popped open despite that. Oy.

I had a nice design day yesterday for my art client. I am going to be interested to see how things develop with them. Hanford Mills is on the lineup. I need to wrap up my portraits and other work for the Museum.

Gotta go.