quiet day

Rocky Horror Poster, Q. Cassetti, collage, 2011Fruits of my labor for today/yesterday. Have been setting them up and beginning to knock them down. I have four out of 5 posters for the Hangar done with three approved. They are all due on Tuesday, so I still have to put my head down and run at it. I am panicking over the Ragtime thing, and may instead of drawing it, work it up in photoshop and then decide on drawing or a photo composition. There is just too much niddly-ness needed in the image. Once we get the images done— I will be relaying out their brochure (based on the model from last year), doing all the covers of the programs, two different sized posters and  a huge banner layout for the building. Then, we will only have to worry about the Ithaca Running Club graphic illustration they are interested in.

Still not 100%. More like70% but better than the 15% I felt on Monday. So, the needle is moving in the right direction — just not fast enough for me.

Wonderful Ursula Roma is working on the writing for the 3x3 article coming up for me. Poor Ursula tried to interview me as I gasped and choked and sent her my thesis. I think we got a scrambled bit of something and I will be interested in seeing what she makes with the magic lunchbasket of wigglies I gave her. Jason Koski will do the pix (hopefully after I get this mop cut) and then we will be good). I really should have Erich add images to the website to build that out.

Out of the blue, I was contacted by Garrick Webster from Computer Arts Magazine in the UK about my folk inspired work (particularly that of Lubki). He wanted images and me talking about why folk art? who requests it? what does it mean? How does it work/not work? I am not sure whether it is an ink on paper magazine or that of the web. Either way, I am flattered and who knows what will happen. I sent him a little whitman’s sampler of folk related images and lots of bla bla blab and we will see how he chops it all up and makes sense of it.

I got an interesting phone call from my new ad agency friend, Chris, who wanted to know if we could meet up with Dwight and Charlene (these amazing egg producers) who were down at the Regional Access checking on an order (hundreds of thousands of their eggs had frozen). I will be doing portraits of them in the future and having them here for me to take a picture of them was a real (albeit quick ) opportunity. Dean came along so as I forced salami sandwiches on them, Dean regaled us with farming tales, his invitation to attend the next TED conference in NYC in a few weeks and the whole food movement he is involved with which, from my experience with Thor and Stefan here with the grain, has a real overlap. So, though unplanned, there was some work related fun and new people in my life. And, I got some good pictures, too. Dwight and Charlene are adorable.

Rob is here. Time to go.