New codes

Dumbfounded by Madhubari, Q. Cassetti, 2011, sharpieColder than cold. The car themometer read -6 this morning as we rolled out of the drive- way to take Alex to school and make the big purchase of catfood and rice. Freezing the inside of my nose and drying out my hands and face. So, its a good day to stay inside and stay warm.

Yesterday was cleaning up, cooking (lasagne construction for Alex) and attending the Democratic Caucus at the Village Hall. Rob was voted in to be the year long candidate for Village Trustee (representing the Democrats). And I was, out of the blue, voted in to be the secretary of the caucus (complete with a swearing in and a job to do). I didn’t know what they wanted re notes…so I just did “it” and was not happy to be off my game! But it was a small group of mainly friends…so…

Then there was fun with football. Rob and I watch football with Alex and actually like it. Alex makes it fun.

Some things surfaced yesterday I want to share with you. Do you know about QR codes? QR codes are like UPC codes that relate to content on the web (also called mobile tagging). One can take a picture of it with a smart phone (with the right application) and it will take you to something on the web. There was a very clever application of it at Christmas (wrapping paper with 15 different QR codes that took you to 15 cute little animations having to do with the holidays). Q loves QR codes….and found out where to make the codes online and am going to start using them in my work…links for my clients, an application on my my QCards…etc. Wikipedia talks about the QR code this way:

IPhone has a free reader application that seems to be working for me (QR Reader for IPhone) . Kaywa has a nice online code generator (simple as pie). I think that the QR Code is a great way to send your clients or prospectives the rich content we make as designers and illustrators. It gives us a chance to make it easy..a click, and a memorable click for us to share visuals simply….address free.

Today its posters, logos, postcards, programs,..big week.

Gotta go turn up the heat.  Shady and I am shivering.