There is nothing compared to a good night’s sleep, a dose of television with football, and a trip to the grocery store which will put things at least temporarily to right. I have a massive pork hunk in the crockulator to make pulled pork. I bought cornmeal to make some cornbread. And we finally have milk and parsley to make whatever we want to since our coming home. Rob is busy being the IT specialist here chez Camp. I am busy backing up computers (itunes and iphoto) as the great switcheroo (Alex gets my old powerbook, Mary gets the computer that drives the scanner until the old ones come back from the shop (we took to Amherst as they have amazing and inexpensive apple fixers…forgetaboutit).

I know I could dwell on the changes in circumstances, but won’t. It’s sickly mesmerizing for me and tedious for everyone else, so move on and have reflective moments…but keep moving. Even Shady Grove is looking for our girl—wandering into her room and seeing if our favorite lump of girl is snugged in her bed. But she isn’t. Same with MeiMei and Mr. White. Weedles could care less. We all need to focus on Alex. Its tough on poor old Alex. He has his new toeshoe type running shoes going and is busy making plans to eat a cookout with a friend. He was my companion at the store which wrapped a trip to a yard sale (with drums in the front yard) and ended with a three for five bucks offering of old records (he scored 9 albums…with at least 5 of them old Beatles originals that he adores). So, the lyric, “love the one you’re with” is a good guide during this odd transition. It was fun hanging out with Alex—talking and paying full attention to him. We are making plans for cookouts with his friends…and trying to focus on what is good for him and his pals.

Need to restart the other computer. I am fearful it is on it’s last legs too.