Birch Head, Q. Cassetti, 2010Went to the Pourhouse last night to hear the GoCats, a rockabilly group. They were excellent. Packed house. We went to bed with the assumption that our dear boy would be home by midnight, the time the Homecoming Dance would be over. At 3:15 our eyes sprung open. No boy. So on went the clothes—on went the brains and we clicked into problem solving. Before we started to launch into search mode, said boy walked in the door kind of shocked to see us fully clothed and functioning. Oops. Lesson, I think, learned. 

Today, there is talk about a crew coming here to watch the Godfather. I will make a mess of pizza shells and pizzas for this crew to keep things interesting. Now that I think of it, I will make the pizzas…and have popcorn def for them. Maybe the pizzas just for us. Rob will be installing the fixed computers over at the neighbors. Its a day without deadlines or focus—so maybe some beginning pictures around Sagamore that have been floating around my brain (in the Silhouette/ Home Sweet Home mode). Will be pulling out the pens, dredging up all the iconography from the week and putting it all together.

Vegging. I feel like coffee, flour and ink. That’s planning.