All things Adirondack

We visited the Adirondack Museum for a “meet up” with Museumwise on Monday night. It was fun and even better, we met old friends and acquaintances of Rob’s from his past and from his professional past. So we have new friends and another chance to be in that museum. I was in the gift shop looking for pine pillows and pancake batter (for the project I am working on) and looked at the art there. There was an interesting vector poster that said “Adirondacks” with vector illustration. I googled the artist, to find out that she is part of the Wild Apples stable of illustrators. Beyond that, I was looking at all the stuff, and the pretty solid iconography that says “Adirondacks” to the general populace: snowshoes, chairs, pinecones and boughs, pinetrees, loons, bear, wicker backpacks and those things homey and simple like quilts and soup pots. And I thought,” hey you! Icons are your middle name—puhease get yourself in gear and sell some stuff….you already have the loons” . And then I thought, and now I know people. So put it together princess! Get going.

More later.