Sagamore: Day Two

Evening at Sagamore, Q. Cassetti. 2010Another day at Sagamore with blue skies, clouds, rain and then a clear evening. From frost to warm and back to cool again. I love the brilliant swing that the weather, light and day gives us that for me, is united by cups of tea, many pixels and intermittent visits of Robbie to check his email, his facebook and to make sure I am breathing and where he left me.

The new crew for the week came in today. I am invigorated by  the 2010 group of interesting, bushy tailed and serious people who have come to The  Museum Institute at Sagamore. Paralleling the board, this crew are vital, engaged, intellectually engaged and actiively open and social—within the first three hours in meeting their fellow participants and peers. Its learning in the classroom with seminars and discussion continuing here at the beautiful Sagamore and then mixing at dinner with different people. By the end of the week, the collegiality and new connections that each individual will make gives each person confidence, a new group of peers and an appreciation (at least for me) for all things New York.

Today, I met the new Director of the History Center (Ithaca), the Director of the North Country Underground Railroad Historical Association, and the Executive Director of the Bartow-Pell Mansion. Active minds actively working, connecting, actively engaging at The Museum Institute at Sagamore. Lets just say, I feel a bit overwhelmed albeit I got a lot done on the Cornell work and some roosters for another project. Having a bit of time to myself just to work outside of a schedule is delightful and on par with the time I had in graduate school just to collect myself and get my wits together. By the end of the week, I hope that all my loose ends will be gathered and straightened.