Early Start

Rain at the Sagamore, Q. Cassetti, 2010Yearbook this a.m. I have “sales tools” created for the team to use to sell books right out of the gate. We have pricing, examples and the works….so maybe we can generate a bit more interest while parents and students are focused on writing checks and getting things done for the seniors before the crush of college applications happen.

Alex needs to be dropped off at 7:15 for the second half of his music theory class. So, we have been rolling since the early side of things this a.m. Rob got up in the middle of the night to the clanking of the radiators which had heated up to winter strength due to one of the back doors blowing open and changing the heat in the house. Shady got a midnight break to do her business too…So its been an up and down sort of morning.

I have a massive hunk of pork crockpotting and the soup is ready for the team (prepped last night). I got all of Alex’s paperwork done (school pictures and a sheet with phone numbers and the like). So, at least I am not starting the day at a deficit like some days.

I need to get my stuff together for next week’s Adirondack charette. I have my new beautiful (and amazing battery life) powerbook, I have my mini scanner (size of a piece of paper and about 1/2” thick) and my wacom that all fit into a totebag. I am planning on illustration illustration and illustration along with some walks in nature. I have a little stack of electronic reference…and am getting excited about vectorizing a bit…along with sketching. I have a few books on the Kindle and need to check to see if my audible collecction is up to snuff. Will be listening to books on tape as I work (which I love to do). There is an internet connection at the public library outside of the confines of the Camp, so I will be making trips to see what is boiling here…and whether phone calls need to be made, or projects to be amended.

The Society of Illustrators Show submissions opened this week along with those for Society of Illustrators LA. I think there will be some of the Hangar Posters (def. The Man of La Mancha), a cat, and some of the decorative stuff (home sweet home, nutcrackers, and one or two of the fraktur inspired pieces). Feeling less than confident these days, so we will see.

Gotta go to class…and more coffee…