Saturday review

Christmas Horses, Q. Cassetti, 2010, digitalWe had a lovely day today and yesterday due to cooler temperatures and lower humidity. I am on the Christas card warpath, and think, thanks to the great direction of y clients that we may be pretty close to one for this year. Alarmingly postitive and I only want to hope for a smooth resolution on a normally prickly topic. I might post a few sketches as soon as we know where we are going on this one. I did enjoy pawing through the Matisse work— and plan to continue to do so in the near future as it really charges the batteries for me.

We had eye exams this morning followed by a little shopping at Wegments to create the food event for the scheduled  “Sausage Fest” planned for tomorrow. Alex and 20 of his neares tnad dearrest will be eating sausage, playing Kubb, swimming and eating more along with wearing their pink tee shirts (Alex’s spec) that make them bros together. All for one and one for all. I may be having a Hartford friend come to visit for this hoedown, But the weather promises to be great and the friends continue to RSVP, so I figure36 Italian sausages might be good along with a big bowl of salsa, a few dozen ears of corn, cantaloupe cut up into a big pile…and maybe something green from Rick’s fruit stand right off of 96. I plan to let whimsey and wit direct the rest of the planning. The local bounty makes it pretty easy to be flexiable and random in choosing what to do for things like this.

In a month, school will be back in session. Kitty will be at Hampshire. Alex will be full bore into cross country and the challenges of being a junior stuck with the cranky parents. The hosta will be in bloom (the hugely fragrant, big easter lily sized ones we have at the lake). The pumphouse pavillion will be completed and maybe painted by then. The hundred days of summer is more than two thirds done…and its barely started. Rob has completed his big to dos this month, so maybe a more regular schedule will emerge. But, maybe not. The only ones not bothered by much of anything are the cats except for TJ who was shaved with the horse clippers by Amanda yesterday as the skanky, cranky cat was covered in dreaddy clumps all over the back of his body. He really is quite a mess, particularly for a cat. The picture of Amanda taking the clipper to this sour old man makes me a bit nervous as he is so uncooperative with even a brushing…imagine the shaver and the cheery buzz and tickle they produce. Oy.

We are excited by the prospect of the Town of Ulysses Annual Fair towards the end of the month. Yes, they have the carny stuff, but they also have miraculous and fun stuff like cake judging, flower judging, animals and so much more. I think this is a place I want to lean into next year and go competitive for the prizes. You know, work on building that local public relations. What sort of crafts? Scrapbooking would be a cinch. Knitting could be good ( I one year knit little easter baskets with knitted Nicky Epstein style flowers all over them)—and high humor value. Then there is the food arts…Granola  might work. This year its doing diligence on the research. I am sure you will hear more.

Bruce was reading the Trumansburg Free Press and was enchanted (as were we all) by the Tburg Commissioner for Youth Activities planning movies in the park with prizes. One of the prizes was an order of toast at the Falls Restaurant. Another was one piece of Chocolate from Life’s so Sweet Chocolates. And another, more functional prize, a half pound of nails from Millspaugh Lumber. Imagine the delight of the children. Its positively Krampian.  Brilliant and hysterical.

The lake beckons. I am “not feeling it” re swimming, but am being prodded by the management. More later.