Variation on Daisyhead, Q. Cassetti, 2010, digitalI don’t think that this image is cooked yet. But, good enough to show the progression. Not enough to figure into a portfolio piece as the Girard inspired chops are still in the making. The sky is not working…and some of the sort gradients are not necessary. But, as I was thinking this morning, sometimes you need to look at the work a day later, a different size and format to really see where the work needs to go. Interestingly, unlike the pen and ink work, I am taking more out than adding in. A shift to plainer, simpler. Less is more.

Case in point yesterday. I was working on a picture with a house, rooster, flying birds, a sun…and it was all too much despite the fact it was one of the gridded designs. I needed fewer topical opjects…more birds, no sun. This approach, which I see as very interesting for jobs like “I need something having to do with CATS” or I need a picture to capture this emphemeral thing or the other…when a grouping of different objects drawn in a bunch of different viewpoints could do that. Or the old chestnut which many illustrators have done …the face or porfile made up of objects (thinking there might be something here for the Hangar). So, I trudge on. Poking at this, trying that…sampling things online iwth you…and seeing what works, what doesnt and what resonates. It is surprisingly harder than it seems because the shapes have to be good if they are so so simple…and I find things I need to rework all the time. Getting my eye “in the game”, sharpened to see the curvers, the conters and positives will be better as I continue along this path.

Girard Electra Bicycle BellGirard handled butterflies in a nice way as a form but also a form within a polka dot. Unoriginal me plans on doing this with my creature, Ms Bee— and then, we will see. Am stoked about that too.

Today is a beautiful day. We had a nice chat with Lucia about college for Alex this morning and then came towards Tburg for Rob to take the sick lawn tractor to Chet the Lawnmower Man’s relative to repair. Kitty and I shopped for more toiletries as it is less than a week away…and god forbid whe might have to buy something the first week of school.

The Fireman’s parade is today. We will be there on time with cameras ready to clap and catch candy if they throw it our way. There ae presents to wrap in advance of Alex’s birthdayt…and then there is the glorious day.