Flower Girl, Q. Cassetti, 2010, digitalIt was another full pot of soup today. David B. and team took the walls down and trashed the 1970s era bathroom after fueled by the soup…and sorry excuses for having no bread in the house. It really is looking like its the day to go to the store as I am scrounging for the basics, no bread, no eggs. Not many options. I used up all sorts of cornmeal with bread I made to go with yesterday’s soup. What will tomorrow’s potage be?

There is this remarkable moment of Natural History that was found in the roof area above this 1970s bathroom. Rob was pointing a beam into the rafters and saw a gigantic wasp’s nest nestled in the space which was extracted and given to Kitty (as she loves them so much). Goodness knows where this magnificent papery nest will go among all of Kitty’s collection. It is interesting to see the back walkway opened up to give us light to the back of this big house. It may change the dynamic of every room on the first floor.

The Ulysses Fair (the 160th year)has opened today with the first of three Demo Derbys being held. Lots of excitement around that…and I wish to goodness the sun would come out as the photographic opportunities are huge. And Wednesday holds multiple classes of horse pulls (love). I gotta be able to scootch out of here to take it in.

Must go to drop off the boys at the Dem…and pick up food for tonight/ tomorrow.