Yarn Swatches from Schaefer Yarn CompanyThe lake is the same color as the pearly oyster grey that the shimmering, rainy sky is. A darker form, blueish, shows us the other shore where Aurora is…No boats, no swimmers, no jetskis…just quiet with the barn swallows and gulls dipping and diving for their lunches.

Today is a quiet one with the hope of a score at Cheryl Schaefer’s yarn seconds sale. I love her fiber, particularly the washable merino wool for socks. The best. I like to knit the socks and let the color bloom and surprise me with the random patterns, juxtapositions, and relationships that just happen as the knit, perl, knit, perl helps the fiber to develop. And, she is right here in our little neighborhood. Another treasure. Cheryl used to run an amazing iris sale. The iris were all fully in bloom, massive mature plants that you could walk by—and pick and choose which plants you liked. Then an assistant would dig up the plant, place it neatly in a plastic shopping bag and charge you (regardless of size, shape, color) $5. per dig. It was a marvel. Just as her fiber, her vision and her house nestled among the Amish farms outside of Interlaken, NY.

I  ordered a slew of buttons from Busy Beaver Buttons as my stash was almost depleted with the Grassroots sale. This time, I ordered black and white buttons on the naked silver metallic button. I ordered squares and new Ovals with beeladies and fraktur guardian angels. I have a 2011 tattoo to create soon along with getting my valentine to Mr. Seppi at Pioneer Press for letterpressing.

I am musing over what the ad for 3x3’s directory might be. I am seriously thinking that one of the Home Sweet Home images might be nice. I have been doing the vector thing…but I do like this group of images and feel that it represents what type of stuff I am doing these days (except for the vector thing I posted for Illustration Friday this week).  Soon, the shows will be banging the gong for entries. I am going to need to think about which shows and what work. I am reluctant to curtail this activity as having national recognition gives me a nice boost when it comes to the local audiences.

After all the junk reading I have been consuming, I am now reading an Adobe Illustrator manual. Surprisingly, its good stuff to read when the sweat is not beading up on my brow and I do not have an illustrator emergency to respond to…but the leisure to just take it in. Today its all about Smart Guides (which I have feared). Who knows what else I might actually learn.

Need to do a bit of research on movies if its going to rain today.