Back to the future

Antique Victorian scrapbooking materialIt was a perfect summer day yesterday. We got going on the early side to go get granola fixings, candy (for Nigel), and all sorts of John Martin meats (sausage and lunch meat) for the office and for dinner at our favorite store in Seneca Falls, Sauders. We were heading out of Seneca Falls on the way back, I was reciting the pizza recipe from King Arthur to my friend to discover she missed getting the “optional” dough relaxer (which really makes the recipe). So, in my new cool way, I suggested we head back and get it. She dove into the flour aisle and I went in search of cookie cutters as she had recited her sugar cookie recipe (something I never have made…) and feel that it would be fun to do. I found the cutters I wanted  (a hand, a heart and a daisy)and Kitty and I were loitering in the Mennonite gift and bookshop at Sauders. We were walking down one aisle and came upon a steel cabinet with shallow drawers. Kitty opened one of the drawers and I FLIPPED out. There, in the center of Sauders, they had sheets upon sheets of German scrapbook stickers that I have adored since a child. We used to buy them in Pittsburgh, and I had collected antique ones…but they had them for $.89 a piece as I gasped with delight in finding this sort of wonderful oddity available as an everyday thing to this community of people.  I selected one of each style from a sailboat with flowers, to shoes filled with flowers to some pretty funny/ditsy cats. The best was a picture of a pair of victorian fuzzy chicks, pecking away at a LOBSTER. huh? The best.

Sauders bookstore has odd Mennonite hard bound genealogy books, directories of the various Mennonite communities, amazing old fashioned genealogy charts (ready to fill in ), and local maps with names written in red locating the members of the various familes in each geographic “ward” of the Old School Mennonites (Amish). I had to buy a map too. More from the bookstore. I am seeing Christmas written all over this place.

On the way back, steaming down 414 in Romulus, we stopped on the segment of the road that we refer to as the “Amish Main Street” and bought white corn and a big basket of tomato “seconds” which filled a huge plastic bag for $5. We got peaches and fresh apricots too. A haul for less than $12.

We swam in the afternoon after doing some driving. Alex, Kitty and I played scrabble and we made an early night of it.