Thunder coming.

Wasps on the Grill, Q. Cassetti, 2010Nigel started today. How terrific to have him back from school so excited and pleased with school, his studies and the things that are making him zing. Good energy and good energy around the things he is going to do with us this summer. I feel action on the way, and that rubs off in the excitement department for me. He is all charged up about his art professor, a Korean artist who approaches art conceptually and personally and not from a technique “can you draw this apple” vantage point.

As you can see (at the top of the page) my little page on Facebook has prompted me to post the entries, and then my own observations and excitements on the Inside Ithaca page. It was started in reaction to a discussion I had with Peter F. from The Hangar on how the actors, techs, directors and talent merge with the community. Like,  what is their foothold into the community to get a bit of Ithaca while they are not providing the wonderful shows for all of us. It started in my mind as a list which evolved into a Facebook project which as I go about this, I find that there isnt much push pull that I was expecting from the group. There are more baby robins out there waiting for mama to drop a content worm into their mouths. So, I will…but I will own it too. I think its a fun one as we get rolling as it gives a home for my enthusiasms and surprisingly, for my pictures that I keep randomly snapping off. You know, try to get 100 a day (though I am being a bit less than success with that sitting at this monitor trying to untangle strands of hot spaghetti types of projects. Or at least, for now. The strands of spaghetti are not sticking…so I am making progress with this work. I feel I am being a bit tougher with my clients…and I am getting more input and forcing more thought from a broader group of them.

The birds are telling me that thunder is on the way. Hermione Camp (the new cat) is more and more curious about us…and is letting us brush her and hold her. I should probably make a vet appointment for her before we start giving her a bit of houseroom etc. The grey sentinals are fine with her. Shady is still nonplussed. Must go. More to do before eight. Am recoloring a series of screens for a blackberry app….Green/green and green.