Before the storm

Under the golden light, Q. Cassetti, 2010, mixed mediaLots of kids and activity here yesterday. Alex got a golf game in despite the rain. Kitty worked at the makeup company, Silk Naturals helping to put together a series of mini kits. It seems to be quiet work, but it makes Kitty happy.

The grass is thick and lush…and LONG. Another day of promising rain, first thing this morning. Poor Chet, the lawnmower man, will have to put bigger tires to raise his mower up to clear this long, long grass. We took Shady out last night and I threw pinecones (Shady’s passion) into the brush and she, poor driven thing, went “to ground” to find the cone, coming out of the greenery wrapped in “velcro weed” and absolutely covered with seeds. She was patient and very sweet letting me comb her to get the green prickles out of her long dark hair. I am thinking that maybe she gets another haircut today.

This picture is another in the works. I think I like the components better than the overall…and may chop it up and see if I can make a pattern block or two from this. The triangular tulip could make a nice repeat as well as the yellow posies. I have mounted a few patterns to Spoonflower, but the catch before the patterns go live, I think I have to order a swatch to proof it. So, that’s where the money is. I am going to make some pillows out of a bee fabric or two…and I have these cool tibetian charms (golden bees) that I would like to sew around the edges…Could be really nice.

I have been going a bit crazy with the charms and bee stuff. They are really cheap on ebay from Asia…and want to package them up for sale on Etsy. The bees are dear, and the religious ones…well…are religious (which for me is **!!).

I finished up the teeshirt for the Pourhouse…They seem pleased. More stuff for the big client…There is a down and back to Corning in late afternoon for Kitty’s teeth. Big day.