Closing a chapter

New Parking Lot at the Hangar, Q. Cassetti, 2010Got a buncha stuff done yesterday. Got the Corporate Responsibility Report in toe…really putting some time into thinking out the details/inconsistencies and images. So, now we need to look at line endings, hypenation, and making things line up perfectly. I am pleased that I put the time in. Kitty got a paper done…and she and I looked at the courses offered at Hampshire and got her revved up about the future. She now can think about the next chapter with the current chapter winding up. And how exciting that future seems. I will need to call Hampshire about requirements before she launches into a selection of classes. Tomorrow she needs to pick her topic for orientation. That group during orientation becomes her tutorial group for the year. So, I am going to prod her to be first on. Important not to be lax on this one.

Today is the last day of High School prior to the exams and then graduation next week. Its funny, I wasn’t thinking of anything but the future until this morning, when it dawned on me that a new chapter is beginning. It will only be Alex and me next year. It has been a lot of wake ups and lunch bags. A lot of late rushes and cups of tea teetering on books. Its been a lot of late nights and hard to get up mornings. Its been a veritable wealth of fashion shows….with every morning being a surprise (most often good). Its been growing up for Kitty and Alex and me….(particularly me). And with this, a bit of wistfulness has set in. Not sadness. I have no big regrets. We have had a great time growing up together. I hope they will be as fond of the time as I have been. I guess the day in the way back machine on Friday was appropriate. And somehow with this definite “end” which is so rare in real life…it give us all a chance to reflect and perhaps tonight, celebrate.

Rob’s sister, Gloria is in from California this week through graduation. So, the dynamic here will switch up a bit. Bruce will be back soon for the summer. Nigel is here helping out with weed wackery and Mandy is taking the reigns up at the Luckystone. So, the people are changing out too. All good.

Need to wrap it up as there are meetings and projects awaiting.