Food Challenge

Who did the challenge?Last night Alex, Kitty and I went to the Glenwood Pines. We had a little wait as the place was rocking—Friday night around seven. There was a lot of energy around going to the Pines (I offered up other places with the Pines being the hands down “must”).  So we waited and admired the games, the bobble headed characters crowded above the bar and chit chatted about the big (and contraversial) things doing at school. While we were chatting, Kitty mentioned a friend that did the Pinesburger Challenge. As an aside, Alex has been itching to do some of the local food challenges  around to entertain the college guys. Pinesburger Challenge is a classic for the Tburg set. It has always been no no no with Mom and Dad. But hey…I was in charge so I piped up, suggesting that Alex do the challenge. He was delighted. Its pretty simple—eat 4 pinesburgers in less than an hour. No leaving the table, to sharing. All the meat, the bread, the cheese. The salad stuff can be taken off if you want. The hot burgers were delivered and Alex, competitive Alex consumed 3 of the burgers in 12 minutes. The last one was much more leisurely (finished all in all in less than 20 minutes). He was very happy with the whole thing, the tee shirt, the picture…! Kitty and I admired. We watched the Imaginarium of Dr. Parnassius, which was a lovely movie. Wonderfully made both as a story and as a visual thing. Light night.

I went to the store this morning and browned up a bunch of stuff to make a “big pot of sauce” as the backlog I had in the freezer is all GONE. I bought some other things to eat for this week with the kids and me…and was nosing around and found that the butcher had put some nice steak on sale this week. He was wonderful (as it was just a big piece) and cut and wrapped the whole thing (for a congratulatory dinner for K)…thanking me so nicely for shopping at the store. Old fashioned courtesy and friendliness. I love this small town stuff. Reminds me of the small grocery store my parents took us to growing up. Joe Katz and his wife ran the store. We all loved the Katzes—it had its own dark distinct smell…and had temptations at the check out (real penny candy). We actually had a “tab” there. Joe would cut anything (including meat you cooked at home and wanted sliced nicely for a party etc). It was service capital S…that the big stores cannot provide. We have that here. Lucky us.

It’s yard sale day here in Tburg. Everyone seems to have a table in their front yard with piles of stuff they do not want. Even the new farmers market has people selling their stuff. There is an opportunity here…I need to think about this.

Little White Hermione Camp was at the door first thing this morning. She was full of friendliness and very hungry. I think she and Mr. Cranky have worked out their issues…(Rob exclaimed that their tiffs looked like cartoons of cat fights with a round tumble with legs and tails and hair). Time is a remarkable cure for almost anything.

Fraktur Bees, Q. Cassetti, 2010, mixed mediaKitty went off to work on her Kubb set in the school shop this morning. This afternoon its finalizing her last biology lab. Tomorrow it’s finishing a paper. I am back on to being a picture maker. Yesterday it was a pattern maker. I may make a few more and post them to Spoonflower. The inspiration for this is to step up the colorations, saving from simple (like this) to richer and richer, and deeper. There is something in this that reminds me of the later pattern work of Virginia Lee Burton and Follly Cove Designers (there is a new documentary on her>>. What is fun with this process is limited palette, working in ink (thin stripes) and then working into the ink with vectors. I love it that I am doing fake William Morris stuff. Not his palette, but in that realm. I have a few bee pix in the head as well as a few Public Universal Friends and of course, new Frakturs. Plenty to keep the ink flowing.

My new tree peonies came. I discovered one that I thought those stinking deer had killed somehow had regenerated. I plan on moving it as the ones that are bigger are absolutely flourishing. When the plants are not eaten down to bits, they really love it here. They just need to hide from the varmints.

Rob is probably in Basel right now. Long day of travel. We miss him.