Yesterday sped by--a blur. Work, then a few hours with Kitty and a friend getting makeup at Clinique, shopping at Target and TJMaxx (particularly the red tag markdowns). Then, off to the Pourhouse to meet Rob and find a little grownup time. This morning it was Sauders, our Mennonite Market in Seneca Falls to fill the cart with granola makings, smoked pork chops and stawberries to wing our way home as quickly as I could to say hi to Rob and Alex. They were working on the community build of our new and very glamourous farmers market. (Pictures to the left). There were a load of people there with hammers and tapes-- a veritable barn raising for Trumansburg. This is where Trumansburg Shines...when people give of their time and efforts to build something better.

We got home to arrange the piles of sparkly candy for Kitty and Thea's birthday party which has just started and will be going until 10. We have games (Apples to Apples, Cranium, Twister), we have chips and now I have to buy the pizza. I have a Pizza Rustica in the oven just in case...and the kids keep creeping into the kitchen to steal a bit of the new granola I just pulled out of the oven. Now its time to order the pizzas.

Tomorrow its more yearbook. Its shaping up...I have 96 of the projected 140 pps done and finished. Missing a tiny bit of copy, but its on the up side.

Must go. The natives are getting restless. Shrieking teens.