looking backwards

from the Collection of the Clark Museum, Williams College, Williamstown MAToday was a quiet day. I got up early--and went down to a very fun and exciting kick off to the Hangar Theatre season with an introduction all around and the magic that the director, Ms. Dann wove around the 39 Steps, what she invisioned, how she came to that thinking and the more global idea around the premise of the show. It was poetry with all the actors, management, specialists all listening at the same time...yet for me, poetry. True poetry. We need to get a flip camera in action and film this stuff. We are wasting  such lovely moments that is "insider stuff" that our audiences would love in the intermission to calibrate their viewing and interpretation of these shows. I feel there is more I can give these people.

I am talking to you from my powerbook as we are lakeside. My palms are burning from how hot this computer gets..but I also have access to the wonderful shots I took last summer with Hartford when we visited the Norman Rockwell Museum and also the Clarke at Williams College. It is always so interesting to see what I am greedy to collect . Changes minute by minute.