little bit.

Got the Mother's Day posters done. Got the Hangar corrections in and ready to roll in InDesign. Clocked down some smaller stuff like postcards, and logo investigation (kind of a little hierarchy thing). Need to do the Illustration Directory ad tomorrow along with the Hangar changes. Then, a day or two on the Yearbook as I am beginning to get twitchy about getting this stuff done and keep up with what the team throws at me. Need to get back to the bees. I have recolored one of the Bee Goddess again...and am getting into a palette groove for this grouping and need to work on queens, groups, families, and the midnight inspired "BeeBomb/ Bee Balm" idea. The concept of hives thrown at the enemy and the Monarda flower is a nice juxtaposition. Plus, there is an amazing quote from the LL. Langsroth book that I love. So, as soon as I get over this glut of volunteerism and two birthdays, I will roll back in. It was snowing yesterday and rainy today. But so nice and cool to allow the grass to green up plushy and thick. I really need to get into the flower bed and dig out the monarda as it could use some thinning and in the world of deer, more monarda is def. better. I hear R. is home. Need to fire up the Grill. Cornell chicken tonight!