Gotta love it.

Hive Alive, Q.Cassetti, 2010, mixed mediaIt looked like it was going to be a dark, cloudy day...but an hour into the day and we have a perfect Spring moment. The yellow willow wands are coming in complementing the little patches of daffodils and the brilliant forsythia which has popped. The muscari have come up. Shady Grove was busy sniffing up all the promising scents while I gazed skyward to our dear turkey vultures, silent silhouettes pirouetting overhead.

I did this illustration in black and white pen and ink. The plan was to reverse it out like the  silhouette inspired illustrations I did earlier this year...and the effort I put into it made it look like poop. But, I brought it up and reworked it yesterday after the fun conversation I had with my mentor, Murray Tinkelman--who was pleased with these new pictures. So, with that push, I revisited this...and color seemed to emerge. The vector work was done in illustrator on a high res reversed out jpg. Then I brought it back into photoshop for more work. You can see the black and white and the color here>>

I just reordered a mess of buttons from Busy Beaver>> as I have depleted my supply with friends, family and clients. New ones are a bee goddess, a fraktur angel, a rooster. More gimmes.

Trumansburg is doing a community build for our new farmer's market shelters. Our farmer's market has been al fresco for the last few years, but Deirdre Cunningham, the clever and stylish manager of the market wrote a grant and got a chunk of money to start us on the way to having some structures. Alex and Rob were involved in cement work last weekend...and now every weekend from now  through May will have building projects both days. Here is a bit from Dierdre's report:

Community-build pavilion project update:
First week: 42 steel plates were welded at Durand's Forge and driven up to Elderlee's in Oak Corners to be galvinized; 10 - 12 volunteers installed 42 footers (backhoe donated by Carson Excavating) and made concrete stools and table pedestals (checkers, anyone?)  -
great job!  thank you all!  

To feed the troops during the upcoming work days, Suse Thomas has pulled together donated baked goods (home bakers, Ithaca Bakery) and lunch (Hazelnut Kitchen, T-burg Rotary Chicken BBQ, Maxie's Supper Club, The Pourhouse, Dragon Village, Subway, Stone Cat Cafe, Falls Restaurant) for each of the nine work days (stellar job, Suse!) Gimme! is donating coffee on the three Saturdays. She asks that everyone bring their own beverage containers.  

Gotta love this community!!