End or Beginning of the Week?

Sweet Summers Day, Q. Cassetti, 2010, pen and inkSince Wednesday, I have been on spring break with Kitty, Alex and Rob. There has been a lot of gathering with friends for Kitty, and driving and shopping with Alex. Alex and I have been raking and planting--cleaning up beds and chopping apart the iris and moving it to another place. And, there was a lot of that to do. I am planning on splitting many of my sedum plants and moving them around too. Oh, and before I forget about it, the great making and staking of the Irish Spring soap display must occur.

We were at Agway, our local farm store, for me to oogle the apple trees, and I just said it. I want apple trees. So, I am going to get them.. a few now, and a few once the old orchard space on the property is cleared this spring of ratty honeysuckle, the damned raspberries and general weedage. There may be a few sour cherry trees too... Why not grow them? They had a lovely epaliered apple as well that I am sorely tempted to get to train to the back of the house where we already have wooden verticals in place to train it to. The hellebore beckoned. We have a few here.. but they are such happy harbingers of spring... even before the daffodils, that I may have to throw a few in the ground as I am thinking of them.

This week is the beginning of the last push for the school play, "Snoopy". Kitty and Alex are both in the play and enjoying it, though the next two weeks is a bit trying with schoolwork, athletic practice and trying to live a little too. I guess the living a little goes to the wayside. I am a bit pleased that I "did mine" earlier and got the poster, small poster and tickets done, called the local restaurant for the gathering on the second night and created the flier for that, and have the planning in place for the cast party. So, all all that's left is  some baking as every night is play practice until 9, and lots of baked goods are required per the "food mom". We have two guests coming in for the week of the play--and there will be a small dinner Saturday, and a larger one (12) that I am hosting with everything from the larder. So, some planning around that. We will have bunches of daffodils for the table which should be nice.

Really must go as the day is slipping by.