the start of now

Between the Hive and Nectar, Q. Cassetti, 2010, pen and inkDid a ton of cooking yesterday. Made a chicken pie, sourdough bread, a chicken soup, a pot of sauce and bagels (yes, the boiling and the baking). So, very productive on many sides of this. First, I cleaned the fridge and know whats there. Second, used up a bunch of leftovers in the soupy things on the stove. And third, have dinner for at least three days done. So, productivity will pay this week.

While I cooked, Rob got our new woodburning stove going (you have to do six trial burns to break in the stove prior to really using it as a source of heat and cooking). I am going to do some research on the type of pots/pans we will need to use on this stove, along with how we prevent boilovers as wetness will cause rusting on the stovetop. More googling. The stove fired up in no time and was seemingly much easier to get started than the little cricket we have on the hearth in the room that adjoins it.

I have Hangar work to do as well as volunteer graphics for the HS Musical, Snoopy. I have around 4 big layout projects on the desk, all of them in the "we need it NOW" mode, so my lollygagging to talk to you really must be curtailed for now as I need to make hay while the sun pretends to shine (through the clouds and rain).