And it continues, right? Yesterday was a gorgeous day filled with a trip to Sauders in Seneca Falls and lots of Alex Cassetti practicing driving (!). I bought a mess of stuff from durum flour, and dough conditioner to chocolate chips and the lovely local vanilla yogurt that now is a basic around here. I am cooking for the week today with a "big pot of sauce" (not the traditional kind though, sausage, turkey, leeks, basil and porcini mushrooms), bagels (new mixer = new projects), a double order of peanut butter cookies (1/2 for the play practice) and probably King Arthur's Chicken Pie recipe (which AQC said that "YES" he would like it). Rob is making a fire in our new wood fired stove just to see how it pulls as its nippy here but not desperately so--to try it out. Another agenda (for me) for Rob to make fires in this flue is that the damned birds were inside the channel this week making a racket banging around and singing as if they had discovered heaven itself. My flue is not heaven, nor is it a place to make a nest and settle in and poop in. For Get It.