Hive Pattern, Q. Cassetti, 2010, pen and inkDid some shopping at Green Star and came back here withour bags of beans, seeds, and olive oil. Its always an adventure from the things that are offered to the ecclectic crew that works and shops there. Fun. Kitty and Alex were busy with the school play all afternoon, so shopping and lazing was in order for the few of us left behind. Today promises more of the same I hope.

I have been reading about bees, beekeeping and other stuff around that topic. Seems that the skep, or the hay container that is woven for bees can take on many different shapes and sizes. There is one that is pointy, another pointy that twists, and the classic skep we know. There are square and rectangular ones. And the Lithuanians hollow out trees and place them horizontally on legs with a little thatched roof that is placed on top. The Lituanians also have  vertical wooden enclosurs as well. It seems the Lithuanians really are the group to go to in the traditions that surround bees as they keep them live even today.

I have a pizza rustica to get going as R and I have been invited to an early dinner and need to leave the children to fend for themselves...Thus, the Pizza Rustica.

Should go...but just wanted to say hi.