Glorious Day!

Liberty of London at Target NOW!I gave myself a hugeamongus treat today. I went to Target to breath the fresh spring air that Liberty of London has brought to their store. Not only was it prints galore and prints that are kicking this booty to get going, but patterns on top of patterns that makes the decorative illustrator (remember, we like to decorate) repress a shout and scream of joy in the exhuberance of color and riot of illustration decorating all manner of things from clothes to boxes, to lovely papergoods, to cachepots and garden gloves. My favorite of all are the patterned bicycles (for less than $175.) with Liberty prints. Wonderful, wonderful, wonderful. Plus, the patterns that Target is showing are very "Liberty" but very American in the strong colorways, and bold patterning together. I love the English palette, in it's genteel and watercolory calmness but here in the land of the big bam boom, it would be misunderstood and passed over. So, good for Target for marrying the two.

From the SF Gate/SF Chronicle on a story "And Liberty (not for all) at Target:

Although Liberty of London may not enjoy the name recognition of other Target collaborators, it nonetheless managed to draw enough interest to result in near-empty endcaps by 9 a.m. Sunday, the day the collection went on sale. A pop-up shop in Manhattan last week had closed up early after 6,000 people cleaned it out in record time

I managed to find the mens stuff they had sold out of, a sundress for Kitty, some pillows (for me) and some nice covered boxes all on the endcaps. The children's clothes were lovely in all cotton...with matching hairbands, bathing suits, the whole shot. Lots of the china was snapped up, albeit, it was much cuter in the photographs but for the price ( $16. for a ceramic cannister) it made my inner William Morris thrill to the possibility to take it home.

More later. Work awaits from my bad hookie playing this morning. Wow, Welcome SPRING!