Gingerbread House, precolor, Q. Cassetti, 2010, pen and inkMade a beautiful boule yesterday late. The key was letting it rise several times over the course of the day...and it still wasn't as filled as holes as I would like...but the crust was crusty and smelled like burned sugar. So, I am delighted with the new pizza stone (busted the Christmas one...smashed it into three perfect pieces that I was baking on)...the steam, the spray bottle.

Spring is inching forward. The snow still is around for Shady Grove to scratch her back in the gravelly ice--but the pools of ice at the bottom of the driveway are melting so when I try to stop the car before turning...allows me to stop these days. I need to think Spring thoughts of financial aid, summer programs for Kitty and or Alex, and making plans for the weather changing time. It is all moving way too quickly.

I am still (as you can see) messing around with gingerbread houses. I keep inking them and have one half way colored too. They are fun flippies...and then reversed out becomes a new new thing. Next step bees. I also am thinking of switching out my size sketchbook to get simpler. I am working 11 x 13 in a Canson Cream Field sketchook. I think I may go down one size and go back to watercolor paper which I used in the Memento Mori Project. I loved the way the ink sits on this Monvale Field Watercolor book. Thick and chewy paper.. and the lovely blackness.... Man, the crap I bore you with... sorry for my little ecstatic moment over paper and ink. It is just such a treat.

I wish I had a little crumb of time these days, but there is work falling out of the ceiling. We have the general quick stuff with the big client, two publications, logotypes and work around the new show on Medieval Glass at the Museum of Glass. Its a giant photoshop party here...flipping between photoshop and InDesign...I hope I get a chunk finished today.