Viewmistress!, Q. Cassetti, 2009, collage I'm on a phone call talking with people about a sign in process and we are busy over embellshing embellishment. "Now, where should we move this comma?" All totally worth talking about...just not fifteen minutes before a dinner. Next time, I am going to be too busy...thought I must admit, I learned a bit about how novices think...and what a crabby old bitch I am becoming (am>?)

Entered the Logolounge show today and with that entry, have a place to post my logotypes as they are in process. If you want to see the logos, feel free to go here (and put Q.Cassetti in the search box). Busy day today. No time to talk. We are having a group for dinner. Alex is with a friend overnight. Kitty had two friends last night. Rob is taking a few days off to feel better and do some work on the homefront but also on work related stuff.

I am definitely going to do the egg project starting Wednesday. Just need a little time to figure out some of the symbolism as well as do some research for reference. I am getting charged up about this. Plus, plans are in place to color some of the Hungarian ladies (inspired by the German toys...the flower spinners) working in pastels...That would be a change. Color! Imagine! and sickeningly sweet pastels....! a doubletake? or is it?

The guests are here...