Advent Day 5: Krampus' visiting day!

Krampus v2. colored, Q. Cassetti, 2010, pen and ink/ digital color, from the second advent projectToday is the day. The big jingly monster will come to your house to either take you away or whip you. Kind of your choice, I guess.

Off to Corning to the Studio Sale. Last day of great stuff (the dollar table awaits) and then maybe a trip to Sams for some styling stuff for the house for the Xmas Xtravaganza (ie, the choral event). 

Yesterday was very peaceful. Alex went off with his team to do another Pinesburger Challenge (he ate 6). And Rob and I stayed home. I made more stock—but more elegantly, it was simmered on the wood fired stove we have (most excellent). And, I am on the last round of Xmas and may be able to get the boxes in the mail this week. Only snag was that the envelopes I got for my corporate card are too small. So a trip to Staples is in order too.

I love having the retail part of xmas out of the way. Now I can bake dog biscuits and people cookies. I can prep for the holiday cooking which would be excellent and buckle down on the work that comes at this time of the year.

We do have snow. And, it is sticking. Not quite Buffalo (I think they got a foot) but enough to count and sit heavily on the bushes.