Musical Cows

Cowherd, Painting from the Madhubani region of IndiaNow, who could resist this? right? Our old pal Shiva with his cows, by the river with an audience of attentive fish. The tree is magnificent. The Shakers WISHED they drew this tree. And all the patterning?! Don’t you love the cows laying down? I do…with their funny legs bent and their sweet demeanor as they take in the charming flute music presented to them. We saw some pretty divine Highland Cows on the way from Mecklenburg to Odessa this morning in the bright sun, blue shadows and their golden coats shining off the snow. The drive was noteworthy for the winter color—and the brilliant sky we have not seen in a week or so (and its back to grey now). But exciting as I went to pick up the check and paperwork to get my new wheels this p.m.

Peter D. stopped by yesterday to visit which was great. We had a nice dinner with tutti Cassetti and a little quieter time later. I have been churning away on thumbnails for the Hangar (no live work until direction is approved). I am using my iPad to do the basic sketching even before I get to the tracing paper. Do not forget the power of tracing paper. It is remarkable think paper and really can get you methodically finishing ideas and moving to another in quite a chop chop way. This is real illustration. Not the musing and blah blah fantasy talk I am engaged in, but the real—put down an idea and refine the crap out of it…and move on to the next. So, good to work on this skill too.

Gotta go. Rob awaits me for something.