Advent Calendar Day 21: Notarians of the Universe

The Strength of Lions, Q. Cassetti, 2010, sharpies, from the Second Advent Calendar ProjectGoing to trot off to the notary this morning to get a bunch of papers notarized. I found out that one can have a business account at the Corning Credit Union, so I am opening one as we speak. I had to find all sorts of papers and numbers and stuff to get this stuff done, but I think this will be a good go to for loans etc should I need them as they are familiar with the familial stuff. Check off the list.

It sounds like insane squirrels are loose upstairs with the tipping and tapping going on to get Kitty’s soon to be bathroom ready. I wonder what the lunch bunch will be today…on the large size is my guess.

We are correcting and finalizing all sorts of design stuff from a brochure for Ithaca College to some approvals, edits and design for the big client, to finalizing a calendar for the Museum of Glass, to noodling in changes to two books for Cornell’s Vet School. Plenty to keep us busy. My hope over this quiet time is to get the Hangar work done and resolved by January 11th as there are steep deadlines that are needed to be met. I hope things dont get too prickly. I am thinking of taking a few long weekends for the break…Friday and Monday of this week…and maybe Thursday and Friday of the next. We will need to make plans to get Kitty back to school as well. So, plenty of calls to make.

Must go. The Notarians await!