Second Day of Advent: Variation on a Theme

Winter Russian Nesting Doll 2, Q; Cassetti, 2010, Advent Calendar 2010, pen and inkSnowed. Really snonwed yesterday and now we have some sticking to the trees and ground cooling the ground which was very mobile and warm last weekend. Cooling it and cooling it so that when the real snow happens, it will build and accumulate, reversing the efforts of the summer sun and spring breezes. I just finished taking Shady out (she was so happy having a roll in the snow, her absolute favorite) and reveled in the peachy gold light filtering through our gigantic pine trees, the sparkle of the ground and the still, delicate deer—watching and waiting.

It has been a few days of sheer buckle down and do it. Revised a presskit in a half a day. Aircraft graphics revised/ entirely relooked at. Two publications in the works. Pancake and Muffin graphics almost finalized (I will post and link later today). Today, its finishing up what we can on the two annual reports. There is packaging of stuff and some meaningful listmaking in the works too.

Spoke to Kitty. She too, is working hard as all of her papers are due this Friday….and her bill (ouch) is due January 1. After this Friday, she can get back on the animation she is delighting in. I caught her at dinner, tucking into a rather exotic sounding pizza (we were having leftovers) and the chatter of friends and aside conversations with her abounded. Alex and I worked on his student resume (needed today) and then kicked back and listened and talked about a musical piece he is working on. He is loving being a producer…working with his very skilled and bushytailed new music friends who can play anything and do not worry about being directed. My boy is blooming.

Need to take a little time before the office officially opens to do a bit of research for these advent pix. I am thinking up all sorts of stuff and need some reference so that the drawings look like “something” versus the blob and squiggle that it could.  More later.