Eye/Hand, Q. Cassetti, Second Sketchbook Project, sharpies, 2010Cooking off a bunch of stuff that is seconds from turning in the fridge. Now its cooked and frozen to use later this week. We had a quiet evening of it, and a quiet morning with a good call with Miss Kitty, a visit with Miss Vann and Mr. Delfs, and music from the synth from Mr. Quarrier. Now, the house is a bit empty, so I am writing you while my holiday labels print on the printer.

In the past few years, I was shocked by how horrible labels for holiday packages were, so I bought avery labels and printed out my own labels/own design on the Epson. Its always fun…but a bit of torture to get the labels (mac is never supported in the template world) to match up…so the designs were floaty and random. However, this is not true anymore. Avery has really cleaned up their act by having no end to great templates (including for ADOBE ILLUSTRATOR!) that you can download and immediately use. I found this out this week when I was making up a little package of business cards and rackcards (handmade jobbies) for the new bakery…and discovered the new and improved Avery. It is a wonder!

So, I am going to spend the rest of the afternoon filling out labels, filling boxes and figuring out who is done and who is not. Thanksgiving is around the corner and I need to get this done. Time is fleeing…

I also hope I can crack open the sketchbook to get a bit more done. I am two pages away from finishing book #2 and am anxious to start the new one. I have been nosing around my Lubok book for new inspirations, more Sirin, more odd countrified people and dwarves. It will be interesting to see where these pix go. I have around 9 images that need to be scanned in…so there is plenty of stuff and nonsense.

Spoke to Kitty. She is in great shape…personally, spiritually, academically. It is amazing to watch and listen to her growing as we talk. She is maturing daily—and devoted to her work and animation. She is watching her friends and learning. She is leaning on her new friends to grow, to talk, to listen and I am so proud. She is looking forward to coming home to cuddle with her cats and dog and snuggle in her room. Alex was so nice on the phone. Fond words, fond tone. I love my kids. They are nice people.

Did I mention marvelous Mandy stopped by? We will see her in January for a few weeks. That should be fun.