Saturday afternoon.

the sketchbook project #2 10/22/2010, Q. Cassetti, sharpieI havent been slacking off entirely. This sketchbook project has been a shot in the arm. No requirements other than making pictures, limiited size, a who cares attitude and limited palette reserved to sharpies (new marigold color and new dirty, victorian mauve the favorites) along with limited prismas for punch. I scanned in most of the work today (see in The Atelier) just for kicks. Another self imposed rule, no tear outs allowed…work on top or else. So, its random stuff, but the pen is moving and that is the beginning and end of it. Frankly, that is the key to all of this. If the pen moves, I fall in love with the paper, its absorption, the spread of the ink, the color of the ink, the color of the paper, the detail upon detail and my loonie self imposed games to make it more fun. The pages just fill up…and new ideas beget new ideas…and I am back on the creative Catherine’s wheel again. I have been not psyched carrying the big sketchbook around (love you, love it..but a change was in order…I will be back)….and this little self imposed deadline of the sketchbook project has definitely kicked me back in the game. I am looking at the lubki with happiness again.

What a week. Thats all I can say. What a week. The end of the week was one gumdrop (entering the Society of Illustrators Show (NYC) and starting the same for LA. Three Xmas cards put to bed, doing design dlligence on other consultants work, and jumping on a few grenades. Alex had friends over last night and I baked for them (all of them in the Peter Pan mode…needing a mom or a Wendy to make nice for them). So, I made a mess of bagels and a mess of biscotti. Rob and I hung out. It was early up this morning to get Alex to the school so he and the crosscountry team and the outdoors club could go to the Montezuma Wildlife Sanctuary to plant trees and eat lunch. 

I had an amazing meeting with Michael Welch and Zoe Becker from Edible Finger Lakes who came to ask me if I would do the inside back cover …illustration and maybe writing!! My call on the whole thing. I showed them this goofy sketchbook and they liked it…Its a quarterly so its no biggie…and the exposure will be wonderful. I am beyond flattered… This is a lovely publication…really the only significant regional magazine with great taste, good reach and good design. This is the right place to be. So, more personal brand building…and more opportunities to work with cool people. We had a great talk about local food, food packaging, food distribution, their insights and observations which I found refreshingly honest and matched mine. What a treat!

Rob is working today and tomorrow. Alex has a party tonight. I might take a blue or grape pen and see what comes off the tip of it…You never know what is stored in the barrels of these beauties….and then, there is black I can get back to…ooooh.