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Robbie, Kitty, Alex on the way to the Farm, 10/16/2010, Q. CassettiNote the new boots. You can see Kitty and Robbie are having some laughs. Alex is just plain exhausted (didnt go to bed until 3 a.m. and up at 7 a.m. to run).

We are having family quiet time here at the Clarion Hotel with Rob giving an interview to Carnegie Mellon University around the next 2300˚ at the Museum that is incorporating an alumni “meet up”.We managed to convince Alex to consider sleep. We charmed Kitty with the opportunity to take a bath (nonexistent at Hampshire) and a nap in our comfy bed. My two babies are asleep. All is right with the world.

I am rethinking my business. I have been looking at my resources and how things get done and have decided I need to up the pace a bit and bring on a person to be a strong second to me. I do not have design back up. I cannot rely on things not falling through the cracks. I need someone to backstop me, think ahead, help me— honestly help me—so that the creative work can get better for me, and I have someone I can trust. I need to think about how to roll this out…particularly after some fairly significant fumbles this week (and unfortunately, never ever even a mea culpa). I am tired of not having a “good morning” or cups put into the dishwasher. I am tired of having to be the mommy and the pointer and tasker…and not have someone I can really rely on , trust and quite honestly, truly respect. I have maxed out…and after hitting yesterday’s speed bump…I think I have had enough. More on this. Need to think about how to get the query out…I am sure the right person is out there.

We had a very late lunch at a Moroccan restaurant (with sweet minty tea)-there is a break and then Kitty and Alex have wild evenings planned. More later.