iPad#1, Q.Cassetti. 2010Fired up by Mr. David Hockney, I was fiddling with Sketchbook Pro on my iPad and did some googling to see if there was any pdf/manual to talk to the functionality. I found out something even better. Adobe has a simple drawing program for iPad called Adobe Ideas which is sweet sweet sweet. As its Adobe, it’s home for me…and the interface is glorious and nicely designed/more intuitive.  So, I am making little dumb pictures (my first one to the left) and will continue to do that. Its a tool, and a tool I need to learn. Who knows? But, its fun and I have it…so I should learn it a bit just to add to my kit of tools.

I also am charged up about thesketchbookproject.com. I got the book. I have the upc code and the impulsively selected topic “Secret Codes” and it has sat on my desk for two weeks. I was unsure if I had the time. However, I had the book and topic…and it is not a gigantic page size…So, with Rob working late last night, I cracked it open and started drawing with orange and peach sharpies to have 6 pages already in the works. I figure one or two sketches a day on this, quickies…and I will have this done in the right amount of time with a bit of time to spare. I will scan and post even though they are impulsive little diddles. And this is a low risk thing that has gotten me fired up in another way…Hockney on one side, Masonic iconography and Indian art, the other. And of course, there is caffeine too.

We are off to Hampshire this weekend to visit our Princess. We will be staying in Northampton (a surprise yay as I thought all the rooms (at least from Hotwire) were booked and we would have our choices amongst the one stars. But no. Alex and I will have some date time as R. has a meeting tomorrow a.m. I will need to charge my camera and pad and pod and phone…get the dog resolved and away we go. I hope there is a beautiful clear weekend as we are not seeing that now. Even so, the boys are on the ladders on the back of the house (after the ancient septic was discovered yesterday and vented). putting the big deep boards under the new roof on the back walkway. This walkway was added on twice during the course of the former rennovations on this place…and as we have been pulling them off…and discovering the visual history from the witness marks and paint on the side brick walls….the roof has become prouder and the space more graceful and in keeping with the house. It is no longer the cat urine scented back hallway, mean, dark and shabby. Now we have light and grace. Quite a change for this old girl.