wintery day

Snowing a bit right now. Big flakes. The trees look like holiday cards. The roads to school this morning were "greasy" and a bit slick. So making me stay at home with my pens, my bags of bread flour and the woodstove is a delight beyond belief. So, I am snuggling in with my projects and enjoying every moment.

This weekend includes dinner with friends, Kitty and Alex skiing, Alex has a full day of Indoor Track (Meet at Cornell's Barton Hall),two more guests coming for the week, cooking and making a birthday cake. The holiday decorations are going to be rewrapped up (I will miss the Santons) for next Christmas. I need to find a resource to expand my little group of figures... And so it goes.

I gave away all of the wool wreaths I made.  These wreaths were made from felt balls I had ordered from Nepal. Short story goes that Kitty was making jewelry from felt balls I had gotten her from Kitty's work looked wonderful but I didnt want to have to pay a ton for these special craft felt balls. So. I googled away and found felt and I ordered a ton of stuff (from pocketbooks and purses, scarves and  bags along with the balls. They came and surprisingly, the balls were significantly bigger than I had anticipated. So what to do? I took a bag of them to Vermont for Thanksgiving and figured that I would entertain all the girls with some make and do thing for Christmas. We made and did...from garlands for the trees to dog necklaces etc. We came home from Vermont and I had wreath-itis. I  don't know what it is, but I want to make wreaths at the holidays. Sometimes I clip boxwood and greens from the backyard and make green wreaths...but this year, I was going to make them out of these felt balls. I got a  few wire frames from the craft shop and sewed the balls directly on the frame. Six wreaths later...I am still into it. Each one is different and changes with the selection of bigger and smaller balls, gluing a layer on etc. They look great.

A new order of mirrored felt balls (from came this week, so more wreaths are in order for the new year. Surprisingly, the colorway for the mirrored balls are lighter, paler and more maybe Easter wreaths? I will let you know, but I think I may sell them through Esty and have a quicky series of directions for friends to make the wreaths themselves. Maybe wreaths will have it's own page. Perhaps before I do that, I should copyright the design along with the illustration work from the last half of 2009. Enough of the wreaths.

Plugging away on the Hangar. You can see where it's going under The Atelier section of this site. Need to tune them a bit. I have the farm logotypes next along with some big identity change parts from my bigger client. I am fiddling around with stuff like the tree (above) just for fun. Genesis lurks.

What a big first week of 2010. I am looking forward to the weekend.