Winter morning

The Wooden site had a Erzegebirge folk toy (a type of a vertical yoyo) that was a little lady in a skirt. Charmed, I did my little flower spinner picture in response to that object. A little it of springtime in the early January morning. I am charmed with this whole German folk toy discovery as it addresses the type of imagery I saw in the Pennyslvania Fraktur illustrations, along with the heavy duty decorative (no holds barred) influences as well as the simple, primitive style that I love in folks like Edward Hicks, Morris Hirschfield, Leger and others inspired by the same roots. And so it goes.

I am girding myself to get back into the Garden of Eden work what with a feeling for figures and the boost that ths SOILA Silver gave to me. I think I will be looking more at Hirshfield and Hicks for their treatment of animals along with these German folk toys.

Seems that the wooden Noah's arks that I have adored since consciousness, stem from this German tradition. Here's one from Wooden Wagon (again) Oh my, look at that, they have a Garden of Eden themselves!>>. Plus, if we go back to the German roots of this progression, the Fraktur artists also addressed Adam and Eve (and the Crucifixion as the other story) in their illustrated documents and books. Here>>,Here>>, Here>>, Here>>--just for instance. Right? This is where my head is dwelling now.

Mandy is making a fire in the cold, cold kitchen. Its fun having her and Sonata visiting. We will have a full house next week with more visitors that we might have all the beds slept in this big house. Guess the hams need to be pulled out of the freezer for this entertainment. I have committed to have a dinner for 16 or so prior to the High School Snow Ball--so I need to put my mind on that.

Working away at the Hangar work (note below). I am steadily making progress...and my hope is today/tomorrow I will be back at center on that. I need to order a print for both shows I will be in in the next few months. Print Regional posted their Design Regional Show (March 1 deadline)--which I think I will fire a few pieces to. Might have a chance with Juri and the valentines.

More later. Maybe more pix.