Robins Egg Blue Sky and Book

Another bluesky day. Colder. But beautiful and happy making.

I whimsically opened the robins egg blue covered Martha Stewart cookbook and mixed up the French Bread recipe. Simple. And so, I have little mounds of dough nestled around the radiators during their third rising soon to be baked off. We had no bread---so I figured I would make it versus going to the story to buy the fabulous Herkimer.... My bread doesn't even hold a candle to Herkimer, but its paid for and the challenge of making something you don't want to throw away is still on.

What else? Kitty and Alex are both in the play. Alex is in the chorus and Kitty is in a small ensemble that she is very pleased to be included in. This is an activity Alex is openly stating his pleasure in starting this new path--with Kitty chiming in on how much she loves being in the play or associated with it.

I got the Behance connection and am talking to the contact about the job. Seems like it could be a good fit--and I checked the very small quantity of reference which most of it is covered by the Creative Commons license. Left foot, right foot.... There is plenty to do and to catch up with. But, this is illustration money on the table...and really as a logotype which my vector work is very workable.

The big book for my client continues. Worked with Rob to thumbnail/concept a publication we will need to gun out for a special client. It may be a handmade piece for this initial deal--rolling into something that can be printed, or print on demand (via OFoto, or Kodak--the multipaneled accordian piece they offer). Was a good conversation that got the ideas out and through chewing on them...simplifying them and really being able to articulate the content was refreshing.

As you can see, I am still working on the silhouette pictures. Again, I don't know where this is going...but enjoying the pictures.

More later> Cannot wait to get the details on the IPad.