Stepping lightly

Plans are afoot to go into town. They have shoveled /plowed the streets so the journey may not be so bad.Winter is really here with enoguht snow (and some to spare) for skiing and other cold fun.

Alex has Lady Gaga on the other computer, so we are getting our energy up to face the cold dry cold. Now, we are tuned into Biggie (who I have discovered I like).

We have Green Star on our list as well as hair cuts for the boys. Maybe a quick tour of Target?

Neti Pots, bulk olive oil, bulk dish soap, the fab new Farmer Ground Flour (local, and from what my friend Stefan says, it takes bread to another place), King Arthur Bread Flour and yeast is on the list for Green Star, ourl ocal Co-op. If you havent gathered whats been going on, Bread, succinctly sums it up. For the past few days, I have been using up leftovers as pizza and foccacia with the help of our new Christmas bread stone and my bread machine--and it works! Combined with the little place next to the woodstove to aid in the rising, well, its a habit I am getting used to doing...and the leftorvers are consumed. So, I am working it. Only downside was with the lovely little rolls had set out by the woodstove to rise were just too tempting for Shady Grove. Before you could say "hot buns", she had scarfed down all but 8 raw dough balls! Thankfully, I had more dough in the kitchen.. Shady was very remorseful (and bloated to my thinking). Lesson Learned.

Kitty and I love the bulk department particularly the rich dark green olive oil they stock as well as the soaps which we noticed the last time we were there. Should be fun.

We are laying low as the teeth still hurt. Quiet and rest is the best thing for all of us.

More later