Wiggle in the Snow

Silhouettes on the brain. Have been struck senseless by the funny papercuttings of Hans Christian Andersen and they sheer brutal wit. Plus there is the charmingly romantic work that Rob Ryan has with people wanting to do nothing more than spend time together and live. His messages and illustrations are about living in a state of comfortable being, not necessarily doing anything other than having the company of one's beloved, forever and ever. I have, as you know, been loving antique silhouettes and chinese/ and folkloric papercutting forever, so I am going to make some drawn papercuttings just to pretend I am part of the clan. This image is the first one. Another one is penciled in ( Verithin photo blue) and I am in a silhoutte induced haze...staring into space with black and white figures dancing in my mind. This is a fun diversion? No?

We had a good time last night at the Pourhouse with some funny good music. Mandy and her friend Lainie along with Dave and our whole gang gathered and laughed. Everyone came back to chez Camp to pick at the bread pudding I made the other day (leftover bread mistakes) and chat.

I am planning a dinner to celebrate Mary's birthday on Sunday.  There is the tribe (8) with Mary and Ron, two friends of theirs and a small family of friends (3).to plan for.  A group...! I am pulling out a huge pork roast, going to cut up some potatoes for roasted potatoes, salad, another veggie and a big chocolate layer cake (recipe on the Giradelli cocoa powder box). I may make a foccacia (a la Martha Stewart to round out the mix. Many of our tribe want to do something, so I have indicated that they can make a card or plan something to make Mary the centerpiece of the party. The plan for Sunday is to cook and prep while today we are taking a full Wonderbus up to Seneca Falls to go to Sauders, a big Mennonite grocery store I have been dying to go to.  We have Sauder's pros in the group, so we will have a tourguide to the wonderfulness.

Kitty got into Goucher College yesterday. So we have options with Arcadia, Goucher, Hartwick and Fredonia. There are the favorites outstanding. So, onward.

Gotta go as the day is getting away from me. There are lists to be made and people to be roused. It is warm for winter today with the icicles crashing down and the dogs leaping onto snowbanks for the daily wiggle in the cold. All in all--a perfect day.