Tiger, Tiger Burning Bright.

This tiger is from on outstanding antique auctioneer, Willis Henry, I found online. There is an amazing auction catalog on American Folk Art, which I found was very inspiring--striking all of the primitive buttons that Edward Hicks and Morris Hirshfield strikes with me. I love the fearsome and yet, happy countenance that this tiger has--inspiring me to consider where this work could go. I love folk art. Love the simplicity, the directness of it's communication. I like the work ignoring all conventions for sheer expression. I have some other images from Willis Henry I will post for your amusement and happiness.

Today I have cats to draw, pins to design, "hand outs" to configure and layouts for yearbook to finalize and save down to CS2.

The teeth for two teenagers are fine. Healing well...no infections. Bruce is struggling with the six am to ten pm schedule we adhere to...with kids, getting to school, eating and sleeping. He works late into the night and sleeps in...so throw in the commute and its very hard. I feel that by Friday, we will have him on our schedule-- just in time to send him back to the good life in Balto. Until that, poor boy has to suffer.  We have Amanda and Sonata --with Sonata (the Australian Red Heeler) finally calming down and not pacing and barking at anything that moves. Only creature suffering from Sonata's visit is TJ, Mr. Grumpy. Sonata thinks TJ is a toy. TJ disagrees. You get the idea.