Cold out. A real winter. Its s two quilt night for us. The inn is all filled up. So, all bathrooms and kitchen are pressed to produce.

We are having a birthday cake tonight for a friend of ours and the elder Cassettis. I made a carrot cake (new recipe from  The Joy of Cooking with a modified recipe for the icing which really rocked (1 block cream cheese, 1.5 sticks of butter and 1.5 lb of confectionery sugar with a dose of vanilla....and beat it until it yelps). I think I may pull some xmas cookies out of the freezeer for an added caloric boost and to get rid of them. I am mapping the food plan for the home team this week. Staying in front of the bread, milk, eggs consumption might take a bit more planning than usual.

This week we have Kitty and Alex's teeth reviewed. I have financial aid forms to complete in addition to the day to day. I need to get my entries together for 3x3 as well as Print Regional. That's another add to the week. You know, I ned to think about Alex Cassetti's summer plans as well as passports for summer travel (possible).

Great excitement areound here. Trumansburg has been granted a big sum of money to build a  structure for our Farmers Maket. From the memo to the Trumansburg  Farmer's Market supporters:

"We've planned a Trumansburg Farmers Market meeting for January 13th, at 7pm in the village hall. NYS Ag and Markets has awarded the village  $25,000 to build pavilion structures in the village park. This is a matching grant that will be matched with mostly with volunteer labor and additional funds that need to be raised.

The pavilion committee has formed two sub-committees - the design build committee and the fund raiser committee - all three groups have been working hard on their various projects and feel that it's time to share ideas with the market vendors and supporters.  At the Jan. 13th meeting, pavilion models and drawings will be available for you to see and express any opinions or ideas that you may have. The designers will be there to present.

Also the fund raiser committee is having a fund raiser on March 13th, 4pm - 8pm at the American Legion on Rt. 96, just north of the, music, live and silent auctions, etc....we need an additional $12,000 to raise the roofs!!

So. We need to get ready for this one. I think I will send art and volunteer some graphics. Maybe even something as outrageous as a checque. Isn't this exciting? It sure is!

There are some name change/identity issues on the table for the big customer. And of course, there are the farm logotypes and getting thte Hangar work approved. Will be meeitng with the museum to resolve the continual adds to the format of the calenar. Perhaps instead of amending the layout and grids so much, maybe we just need to revise the format to accomodate the rnew requirements (totally understandable as publications change and evolve with its changing content and editiorial expectations.Need to get cards to another.

More later>>