entertaining friends.

Having the Alex Cassetti requested "Sausage Fest "complete with tee shirts and our embellishment (we being Kitty and me) of the team mascot superstar, Lady Gaga output (14, 13' x19" images) interspersed with words that might invoke either the Lady or the food..."hot'. "sweet". "spicy". "smokin'". Big reaction with the dozen plus males who attended...and ripped off their tops to put on the "Sausage Fest 2009 " teeshirts with a pig and TBXC (Trumansburg Cross Country) designation. The group played Kubb. They listened to loud music from Lady Gaga ( and danced and sang...which we as parents did not witness as it would strike us to stone). There were way in excess of 30 sausages on buns consumed. I put a huge pepperoni on the table as their "flower arrangement" which according to the Kitty report, was used as a prop ==grecian red figure vases as a reference for the play acting relative to a phallus... pretty funny, pretty comic, pretty obscene. Salad and an entire box of 30 ice cream sandwiches were consumed. 2 Boxes of brownies, two jugs of Arnold Palmer Half and Half. 4 bottles of seltzer and a box of lemonade. They played Kubb and jumped with our two pogo sticks. The boys all played Twister. They played Alex's electric guitar. They wore mustaches? It was all fun. It was so much fun, people were wanting to spend the night.

I am a bit confounded.

I think we may entertain again.