bon bon

Fiddling around with excessive decoration. Holiday fun is coming...and this making brushes thing, the new "average paths" and several other new things I have learned with Adobe Illustrator looks like it could be a marvelous time waster and image developer. I am taking the lead from the San Francisco illustrator, Craig Frazier for the holiday card project that always seems to confound this monkey. I am planning on being a bit metaphorical and focusing on images of growth, growing, the garden as it is a simple concept that translates easily to business. Maddie has gathered up a nice bit of reference to start thinking about. So, next week, I am going to start drawing/ thumbnailing before I leap into these illustrations. I don't know why I am acting so cautiously--but I am.

Kitty had foot surgery in the doctor's office last evening which went as well as it can go. Alex needs glasses (no contacts as he is astigmatic) we are moving and grooving on the medical front. Next stop, Wisdom Teeth! Tonight we get the glasses fitted...and maybe dinner in Ithaca. The Tburg Farmers Market is happening today...should be fun.