More Wonderfish from the Free Library of Philadelphia

Courtesy of the Free Library of Philadelphia
In this fish’s name (In dieses Fisches Namen)
Category: Wonderfish (Wunderfisch)
Decorator: Anonymous
Scrivener: Anonymous
State/Province: [Pennsylvania]
Note: Based on stylistic characteristics
Creation Date: ca. 1820 - ca. 1840
In this fish’s name I now begin; you people all together, stand by me, hear about this great miracle that happened this year on water and on land. This is certainly true. 2. First I will describe Geneva, the beautiful city, where on the 12th of February a fish was caught by man. 3. Three ells high, it was, and also five ells long. Everyone wondered who looked at it. The fish had a true human head. Everyone was shocked who looked at the fish.
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